Every love story starts out the same way: two people meet, two people fall in love, two people get married. It’s the middle parts of those moments that are always different. The story of how they fell in love, the story of how he proposed, the story of how they planned their life together. Those stories are what give you those butterflies in your stomach every time you tell your story.

Just like every love is different, every wedding is different. Because of that, I approach every wedding with passion, excitement, and care. I look for the opportunities and moments that make your wedding unique. Yes, the details are wonderful and beautiful, but the moment he sees you for the first time and the smile that lights up on your face is what your wedding day is made of. It’s my job to catch those moments so they last forever. Above all else, I’m there to help make your day as smooth and memorable as possible. I look forward to telling your story and giving you the opportunities to share it for years to come.

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