Here are 10 super important facts about me:

  • I am obsessed with magic, mystery and fantasy – aka Harry Potter.
  • I like to enjoy a nice old fashioned or a bourbon on the rocks.
  • I live for the classics and the 70s/80s/90s music eras. If you want to jam out to some Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie (Nicks, Ray Vaughn, all of them) during our session, we’re going to have some fun. I’m like a lyrical jukebox.
  • I love mexican food and pizza.
  • I enjoy listening to audio books and podcasts about true crime and psychology.
  • I like to travel and use photography to do it more often.
  • I’m engaged to my best friend (whom I met at the gym).
  • I’m an ENTJ (aka I’m an intuitive extrovert and love talking and listening to stories and becoming friends with strangers.)
  • You can find me during receptions dancing while taking pictures. I’m quite talented like that.
  • I consider myself quirky with a dash of dry sarcasm.

I have over 5 years of experience in documenting stories ranging from couples’ love, families’ adventures, and seniors’ chase for their dreams. I aim to capture emotions through candid moments in a colorful and memorable way.

I am a sucker for love and raw emotion; and that doesn’t pertain to just couples. I see close connections in everyone I photograph. I love meeting the clients that I’m working with and learning about the story that makes them unique. I started out as a journalism yearbook photographer in high school (good ol’ 2008), so I know the importance of documenting the day in a beautiful and natural way. I’d love to work with you in capturing your story! I create lifetime friendships with my clients. Let’s create magic!


"Rachel is extremely professional and always wants to assure she is giving you her best quality work. At the same time, she makes you feel very comfortable and prioritizes making sure you enjoy the entire process. Rachel’s creativity and knowledge of how to capture these special moments shine through in her work. She worked so hard to take amazing and unique shots specifically for us."

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