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The longest week of my life.

Hello everyone (specifically Granny, since I know for a fact that she reads this.)

Well, this week I went through recruitment for Ball State to join a sorority. It was a very tedious process, and I definitely second guessed myself a lot this whole week.  It was a mutual selection process where I would select the ones I wanted and the sororities would do the same. It was difficult when I found out that certain sororities didn’t want me back, just because I thought we had gotten along and made a connection.  Thoughts would cross my mind; “Am I not good enough? Why didn’t they like me? Maybe I’m not as special as I like to think that I am.”  I kept a positive outlook on the whole process though, just because I like to think that I keep a positive outlook on my whole life. 

Today was the last rounds, preference rounds. I picked my top two sororities and then spent an hour with them meeting the girls and learning of their philanthropies. It was a wonderful experience because I was able to go to the top two sororities I picked which was a great feeling. I loved both dearly, and I can’t imagine how I will feel about them once I get my “bid” tomorrow. It was outrageously difficult ranking both of them because I had felt a connection to both.  In the end I had to pick one over the other, and now I cannot wait to see if they felt that connection with me too.  I won’t spoil the surprise as to which one I picked until tomorrow.  I would be happy with either or, and I want to keep my thoughts to myself just to be safe. 

Tomorrow, AKA Bid Day.     This is where we get a wonderful white envelope and inside it tells us where we got a Bid from, or an invitation to join a sorority.  The we walk to the Ball State Quad, where we each have our sororities with balloons and signs and tshirts waiting to welcome us. I cannot tell you how long this 19 or so hours is going to be until then. 

Other than that, my job, my boyfriend, and my grades are all wonderful and going great. This week has been very difficult and tiresome and I’ve been stressing out and worried, but it will all be worth it tomorrow. 

Oh, and lets all gush about how adorable and wonderful Brenden is. I can’t believe I get to call him my boyfriend. I wouldn’t have gotten through the week without him.


Until another day! 

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