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Quick Update on My Life

Well hey there stranger. I haven’t updated you in about a month. Shame on me!

In that month, my health and relationship has gone completely crazy. First off, Brenden.

Look at how precious this is. We went to his fraternity Phi Kappa Psi formal.  We made a very good looking couple. Yeah, I know, he’s adorable. Obviously an 11 on a scale from 1-10.

So he’s pretty much a sweetheart and makes me super duper happy. I’ll just leave it at that since this is the internet, obviously.

But my health has been in pretty bad condition.

Over spring break, Chrissy came to visit me. The night she left I was hit with a 102 fever. Which sucked. I couldn’t sleep without waking up feeling like I just slept through a rain storm.  I just wanted to sleep naked but I couldn’t because I was getting the chills.  The doctor told me it was just a sinus infection.  Okay, I can deal with that. 

My life. 

It was basically terrible.  I felt dead and I basically slept all day. And then the real crap hit the fan.  My face was swelling up, and I was turning yellow. Yes, yellow.  The whites of my eyes were the color of the Golden McDonald arches. And I was throwing up everything, including water.  So what do I do?  Google the side effects of my Z-pack, and I had every single side effect.  Back to the doctors.

They do blood work. 

“Oh yeah, you need to go to the hospital. You tested positive for mono.” “EXCUSE ME?”
“Yes, a normal body has a pH level of a 2 for their liver enzymes. Yours are a 5.2.”

So what happens? Rachel gets admitted into the hospital. Yes, what a blast. At least my symptoms were because I was actually really sick.  Stupid liver. 

I cried. I cried a lot. Mainly because my whole body was aching, but also because I was told I had to miss a week of school (I’m a nerd, I know.) And also because I had to tell Brenden that I had mono, the kissing disease. This was a test, because I did NOT want to get him sick. I already felt terrible as it is, and then I go get a cute sweet boy sick?  I got the trifecta. But, Brenden being the sweetheart he is, just told me he wanted me to feel better. What a nice guy.  I’ll still feel bad if he gets sick.

So I was bed ridden, from the 5th of March to the 17th. I lost a whole two weeks.  I can’t believe it’s already almost April.  My hobbies in bed included naps, sleeping, watching a plethora of moves, and skyping Brenden and my friends at Ball State.  I lost human contact, and Megan Bereda ended up bringing me a puppet.  I became very close to that duck… we had some good conversations… I went crazy. 

So let’s just say I wouldn’t shut up when I got back to civilization. And it’s said to say that I thought Muncie was exciting. That’s how sheltered I had been.  But either way I’ve been getting more sleep and I’ve made a pretty speedy recovery.  I have to be careful until April 17th though.  Then I’m in the clear! Good thing that Lil’ 5 at IU is April 20th.  
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