Rachel Giese Creative | Strick’s Gift Campaign
An upcoming creative mind specializing in freelance photography and strategic design in the advertising industry.
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Strick’s Gift Campaign

During my time at redpepper, I participated in Createathon. CreateAthon is a annual, 24-hour creative blitz during which we worked nonstop (and nonpay) for some very deserving middle Tennessee non-profits. I was assigned to the Strick’s Gift team. The company is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping newborns in need.

I worked with the team Art Director to update the logo to something more modern. Then I was in charge of designing marketing materials to send to mothers and families who want to donate clothes. I created business cards, informational cards, posters, and took new studio pictures for them to use on social media.

It was very hectic and I think I lost my mind around 4am, but it was an absolutely amazing experience!


October 6, 2016


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