Rachel Giese Creative | Nate and Amy, June 20th
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Nate and Amy, June 20th





I had the privilege of shooting my old coach’s wedding this weekend. The ceremony was short, to the point, and full of love, and the reception was just as awesome.

I can’t say that I didn’t cry, because I definitely cried when she stepped out to  walk down the isle with her father. Who can’t love that part? I’ve also known her for 6 years now, so to see her happy makes me happy.

When I take pictures of couples or weddings, I love it because they obviously work so well together. With Nate and Amy, my favorite shot to take was when I told Amy to smile at the camera while Nate looked at her.  The look he gave her was absolutely priceless. His eyes lit up when he saw her, and I couldn’t help but melt from the results.

I love taking senior pictures, but weddings really have a special place in my heart. This may be because I’m a total girl when it comes to weddings (Pinterest board and all), but weddings as special as Nate and Amy’s just show me that it’s possible to find your other half. The way they would look at each other was nothing other than what I can describe as love.

DSC_0615Overall, Nate and Amy had a picture perfect wedding. All of the people in their wedding were hilarious and I loved working with all of them (especially the Maid of Honor. She was great!) I did help the bride when she had to use the restroom (I offered because man, she had to go! I felt like Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses). The ring bearer was adorable even though he woke up with a fever. Poor kid. I absolutely adored the decorations, and I now have about 2,500 pictures to sort through and edit for them.

I’m excited that it was a sunny day, and even more excited that I can see my work improving every time I do a shoot. Every day I learn more about lens and cameras, and it’s going to help me gain the experience I need to further my career. I can’t wait to book more weddings and see how I can make every couple’s moment special!

I hope the newlyweds enjoy Punta Cana! (I went there when I was 10 years old and from what I remember, I loved it) Nate mentioned he’s wearing SPF 100, so I pray that they don’t come back sunburnt!

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